How are you treated? What do you get? How are you billed?

Excellent legal service alone is not enough. Many law firms are capable of closing a deal or resolving a matter.  What makes us different is how we answer these questions on your behalf: 1. How will you be treated? 2. What will you get? and 3. How much will you be billed for it?
How will you be treated?
Does your attorney promptly return your call? Does your law firm send you surprise invoices? Do you understand your law firms invoices?
These are questions of business governed by human behavior.  While we can’t speak for others we can tell you Meltzer Lippe attorneys abide by a strict code of personal and professional conduct.
All our attorneys follow the Meltzer Lippe tenets of common sense and courtesy; and those are the things We Will do and things We Will Not do.
What will you get?
We are your trusted adviser.
We put ourselves in your shoes to remain one step ahead of your needs.  We seek to provide advice before you realize there is an issue. We strategize in advance to place you in a position to handle what will happen next; often times advising you on what is going to happen before it happens.
How much will you be billed for it?
Separating Meltzer Lippe from other firms handling sophisticated transactions and legal matters for high net worth individuals is what it will cost you in relation to what has been accomplished.  We are serious in our commitment to provide you maximum value. 
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We Will
We Will Not
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