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Knowing the law is not the same as knowing the ropes. Oftentimes, when dealing with governmental agencies a client needs a plan that requires a strategic vision of goals and a streamlined approach to achieving them: The dos and don’ts of getting things done.  

Our Government Strategies Practice Group guides clients through the process of using the correct resources to achieve the ends consistent with client needs and governmental limitations.  This knowledge and experience is enhanced by Steve Israel, the eight term former United States Representative from New York, who serves as Advisor to the Government Strategies Practice Group.  He joins Lew Meltzer whose 50+ year career as an attorney has, among many other things, included advising clients on strategies involving relationships with government at every level. Steve, who was in a leadership role in Congress, is well known to not only national figures, but also to New York State and local officials who respect his wisdom, thoughtfulness and honesty.

Our Government Strategies Practice Group does not lobby; rather it helps clients develop the right plan to achieve their governmental goals.

The law is a ‘what’ but to achieve one’s goals, when confronted by the authorities of government, one also needs a strategy that evolves from the experience of those who have walked through the chambers of power addressing ‘where, when, why and who’.

“The only source of knowledge is experience” Albert Einstein.

Department Chair
Lew Meltzer /


Lew Meltzer
Lew Meltzer


Practice Groups: Government Strategies, Real Estate, Corporate / Business/ Tax & Tax Controversy, Trust & Estates, Wealth Preservation and High Net worth Planning

Areas of Focus:Tax, Corporate and Real Estate

Overview: Lew is Chairman of the firm. Lew’s practice employs his tax, corporate and real estate backgrounds to serve clients as general counsel, as a well-rounded business lawyer and as an estate planner for high net worth individuals.


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