Real Estate Lawyer Long Island

Real Estate Lawyer Long Island

So, you have identified the Long Island property you would like to buy and are putting funds together so you can purchase it. One of the most important steps you should also invest in is in getting a Meltzer Lippe real estate lawyer in Long Island.

Choosing the best real estate lawyer in Long Island

Whether you're trying to buy, sell, or refinance your property, selecting the right real estate lawyer is crucial. This process requires you to do due diligence and consider a variety of factor, such as:

  • Experience – with us you get some of the most well educated and trained real estate lawyers in Long Island. Most of our real estate lawyers have graduated from the country’s top 50 universities/law school and previously worked with some of the most prominent law and accounting firms in New York.
  • State laws and requirements – real estate laws are different in every state. With a Long Island-based real estate lawyer from our firm, you get a lawyer well versed in real estate laws in New York. One who can competently defend you in a court of law. We understand the taxes, ordinances, local property pricing, and the differences in every neighborhood in Long Island.
  • Communication – being able to communicate well with your lawyer is very important in any legal process. With us, you have the opportunity to meet our lawyers and select the one you are most comfortable with, and that will deliver the best outcome.     

How do I know I need a real estate lawyer in Long Island?

You know you need a real estate lawyer if you’re currently in the process of buying, selling, leasing or refinancing your home. Are you starting or expanding your real estate business and you need the approval to develop the commercial space? We ensure you get all the permissions you require to put up your building. If you are acquiring a house, we give you advice on all the things you need to know when it comes to inspecting and legally buying a home.

We have a wealth of information on landlord and tenant matters. We are also able to come in and help you resolve any disputes that may come up in the process of a real estate transaction. We make sure that the whole process adheres to the law, the search for titles is smooth and that deeds will transfer appropriately.

What should I expect working with a real estate lawyer?

When working with a real estate lawyer, expect to see the house change ownership legally from yours to the buyer’s and vice versa if you are the buyer. In the case of a commercial matter, expect to see all land issues squared away and the rejection or approval of your application to develop. Finding the best real estate lawyer is no longer a tough task.

With Meltzer Lippe, you get a competent real estate lawyer in Long Island with vast experience in all aspects of real estate laws.

Real Estate Lawyer Long Island
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