Long Island Tax Lawyer

Long Island Tax Lawyer

Are you looking for a Long Island Tax Lawyer? Our tax lawyers can help you with business planning, investment funds, and more. Get in touch with our tax attorneys at Meltzer Lippe for expert advice.

How do I choose a tax attorney?             

If your business has employees on the payroll, owes back business taxes, or has criminal tax charges, then you must hire a tax attorney. Before you hire an attorney, ask for referrals from other business owners in your network. Schedule a face-to-face meeting with a tax attorney and get to know about his experience and area of expertise. Talk to him about your taxation issues and ask him for advice.

If you are satisfied with his advice, enquire about his fees and other charges. Shop around for attorneys and interview more than one attorney before you finalize a tax lawyer. Get in touch with our expert and feel free to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our tax attorney.

Do I need a lawyer for an IRS audit?

You can handle a tax audit without the help of an attorney, but if the IRS charges you with a tax crime, you certainly need an attorney's help. An attorney can build the case in your favor and put up a fight with the IRS to protect you from serving jail time.

The two most common IRS crime charges are tax fraud and tax evasion. To hire a Long Island tax lawyer to defend your case in front of the IRS, contact us today.

Benefits of hiring a tax lawyer

It takes a skilled tax attorney to resolve tax issues with the IRS. Here are some benefits of working with a tax attorney:

  • Knowledge of taxation - A tax attorney has the experience and a thorough understanding of the IRS tax codes. He can help you with dismissing your charges or reducing your fines that you will otherwise have to pay in full to the IRS.
  • Protection from IRS - A lot of the IRS agents can be intimidating. Having the support of a skilled tax lawyer to defend your case can give you the confidence to face those officers with courage.
  • Filing returns - A tax lawyer can help you with filing returns, late returns, request extension for filing, submit proof of income in time, etc.

Our tax lawyers also offer help with submitting your 1099s, W-2s, and other documentation to the IRS. Speak to one of our tax attorneys for details.

Cost of hiring a tax attorney

Tax attorneys can typically charge anywhere from $200 - $500 per hour. However, highly experienced tax lawyers can charge more for their services. For essential services like help with installment agreement and penalty abatement, your attorney fee can range from $750 - $2000.

On the contrary, in case of significant tax litigations where an attorney represents you in a US tax court, you may have to pay a fee a lot higher than that. Speak with a cognoscente Long Island tax lawyer at Meltzer Lippe for help with taxation. Our highly habile tax attorneys can help you with minimizing your tax amount and ensure asset preservation.

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