Construction Lawyer Long Island

Construction Lawyer Long Island

Are you looking for a proficient construction lawyer in Long Island? Our construction attorneys can guide you through all aspects of a construction project. Contact Meltzer Lippe today for top-notch construction attorney services.

Benefits of hiring a construction attorney

Every construction project involves several parties like the owners, builders/contractors, investors, etc. The involvement of so many people with different interests can often lead to disagreements for a variety of reasons. Hiring a skilled construction attorney to be a part of your team even before the start of your project can save you time, money, and avoid potential disputes. An attorney can help you with drafting and review of construction contracts and offer representation in case of disputes.

Disputes like a breach of contract, payment problems, and construction faults are common in large construction projects. Hiring a construction attorney can represent your case in a trial and optimize the chances of success for your case. An attorney’s advice on legal requirements, licenses, and permits required can prepare you for what is to come. Call us to hire a skilled construction lawyer.

What is a construction contract?

Creating a construction contract is a critical procedure, and it forms the crux of a construction project. A Construction contract must focus on the following areas:

  • Contract documents and contract types - A contract contains several individual papers relating to a different aspect of a project. Construction contract details on the specific terms, duration, quality, and other vital elements of the project.
  • Contract negotiations - A builder must hold a meeting with the project stakeholders and negotiate to strike a deal that satisfies both parties. Having a construction attorney on your team can make sure smooth negotiations and a favorable result for both parties.
  • Construction contract agreements and escalation clause - A construction contract is a primary document that details on the parties involved in a project. These agreements between an owner and a builder contain several sections and clauses to protect the interests of both parties. Large construction projects with a substantial financial risk usually have an escalation clause in their contracts. An escalation clause protects the builder/contractor from unforeseen expenses and costs incurred due to delays.

Construction contracts are complex documents that require legal expertise. To hire an affordable construction lawyer on Long Island, get in touch with us.

What does a construction lawyer do?

Construction lawyers take care of drafting and reviewing construction agreements and contracts. They offer legal advice and support to contractors, designers, owners, investors, etc. from the stage of planning to completion of a construction project.

Furthermore, a construction lawyer assists his/her clients with budgeting, scheduling, meeting construction regulatory guidelines and norms, procuring licenses, and permits. Having a construction attorney as a part of your team can save you from potential litigation and other legal conflicts.

Meltzer Lippe is one of the highly successful attorney firms in NY. For building permits, drafting construction contracts, constructions liens, and claims; get in touch with our construction lawyer in Long Island.

Construction Lawyer Long Island
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