Business Lawyer Long Island

Business Lawyer Long Island

Are you looking for a business Lawyer in Long Island to help you with your start-up business? Our top business lawyers can take care of all your legal requirements from incorporation to trademarking your name and preparing lease documents. Get in touch with Meltzer Lippe today for details.

How much does a business lawyer cost?

The cost of fee for a business lawyer can range from $150 to $1,000 per hour based on the lawyer's experience, location and his association with major firms, etc. Most attorneys and firms charge you on an hourly basis for their services.

The average attorney fee for a medium-sized business can range from $200 to $400 per hour. For acquisitions, mergers and litigations that go to trial, your lawyer may charge a higher fee. Some firms may charge a flat fee for services like reviewing business contracts, incorporation, and for obtaining business permits and licenses. Contact us for more information on our pricing.

Can you form an LLC without a lawyer?

To begin an LLC, you must file the Articles of Organization to the appropriate agency in your state. Following that, you must prepare an operating agreement for the LLC members to approve and sign. This document acts as a guide that encompasses the details concerning the rights of each of the LLC members and other relevant rules and regulations of the company. Furthermore, you must also apply for a tax identification number from the IRS.

You can prepare the legal paperwork and submit it yourself. However, it's a tedious and time-consuming process since there are so many areas where you can go wrong. Entrusting these duties to a business lawyer can save you valuable time as the lawyer can get things done right the very first time. Hire our business Lawyer in Long Island, and he can take care of all of your legal work from filing the necessary paperwork to the state agencies to maintaining a careful record of your LLC's seals and certificates.

Tips for choosing a business lawyer

Every business needs a trustworthy and diligent lawyer to thrive and strive in the dynamic and challenging business world. Having a credible and skilled attorney at your side can help you overcome the legal obstacles without wasting time and money. Find an attorney even before you begin your business to have the expert in the loop right from the start. This way, the lawyer can have a clear understanding of your business and its legal requirements and can guide you accordingly.

When looking for a lawyer, ask for referrals to your fellow business owners. You can also use online reviews on law firms in your area to narrow down your search for the best business attorneys. If you have worked with a real estate or tax attorney in the past, then ask them for business lawyer referrals. To hire an affordable yet highly skilled business Lawyer in Long Island, contact Meltzer Lippe today. Entrust your legal requirements to us for a litigation-free workspace.

Business Lawyer Long Island
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