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Navigating the Discussion of Business Succession Planning

How to better address this sensitive issue with our clients. With business succession planning, there are many components and moving pieces involved, as well as tremendous obstacles. The most successful multigenerational family businesses share a commitment to charity and community development. Download the PDF for the full article.

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Integrating Self-Management With Estate Planning

Succession planning is often the most complicated piece of the estate-planning puzzle. While tax planning has specific statutory rules and court precedents that must be followed to achieve a successful outcome, there are no official rules in succession planning and, often, no perfect solutions.

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The Virtual Clone Trustee

Imagine your client has an identical twin who acts just like him, likes and dislikes all the same things, shares his precise values and goals and reacts and makes decisions in the exact way your client does…this isn’t just your client’s twin, but your client’s clone…wouldn’t this immortal being be the perfect candidate to serve as trustee of your client’s trusts?

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