Trusts & Estates Articles

Have We Got It All Wrong?

Avi Z. Kestenbaum, co-chair of Meltzer Lippe’s Trusts & Estates Department, and associate Amy F. Altman, pose a series of important high-level questions for trusts

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Memento Mori: Death and Wills

While the process of estate planning should, by its very nature, include the contemplation of our mortality and personal legacy, it often doesn’t. In fact, despite modern society’s general fascination with death and affinity for all things macabre—like zombies and vampires—the personal estate-planning process and documents, such as wills, often are designed to avoid the direct mention of death.

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Practicing in the Age of Instant Gratification

Living and working in today’s age of instant gratification impacts us all in our personal lives and our professional worlds. Many of our clients expect instantaneous responses to their questions, immediate solutions to their concerns and have unrealistic expectations that the estate-planning process will consistently be smooth and the end results will be excellent.

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