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Roth IRAs and Real Estate Investments
By: Richard Reichler 

The “Roth IRA” is a form of long-term, tax-free investment that may be well-suited to those who believe that real estate assets are now priced for future appreciation.

Freeze Partnerships–An Alternative to the Installment Sale to a Grantor Trust
By: Laura Blasberg

As most high net worth individuals are aware, the federal estate tax will be reinstated as of 1/1/11. One common way in which a person can minimize their estate is the replace appreciating assets with assets that will not appreciate, freezing the value of asset in the individual’s estate.
(Real Estate Taxation, Volume 37/Issue 4, Copyright © 2010 Thomson/RIA)

“Popular Estate Planning Techniques Can Cause Income Tax Horrors For Real Estate Owners”
By: Stephen M. Breitstone

Stephen M. Breitstone, head of Meltzer Lippe’s Tax Group, discusses the income tax pitfalls that can result from the use of popular estate planning techniques. He also describes a technique that can be used to avoid those pitfalls, known as the preferred partnership freeze.

“IRS Expands Tax-Free Exchanges of Real Estate”
By: Stephen M. Breitstone

Stephen M. Breitstone heads the Tax Group. A look into the tax-free like-kind exchange treatment under section 1031.