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Social Media, Software & Privacy


“At Meltzer Lippe, we speak our client’s digital language.”

Our Social Media, Software and Privacy Law practice is one of the firm’s fastest growing practice groups. Clients turn to our attorneys to prepare the agreements that will impact their software, cloud services, apps and other company technology; to devise terms and conditions and privacy policies for their online business; to pursue intellectual property protection resulting from online and social media activity of a former employee or a competitor; and, in general, for their thoughtful application of long established law to new technology. As companies increasingly utilize the cloud, software, apps and social media to run and grow their business, we help our clients utilize the value of a digital and online business model while safeguarding against potential legal complications.

Our social media practice includes protection and enforcement of our client’s intellectual property and other proprietary rights online and on social media, including removal of infringing materials through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, removing defamatory content and online reviews, and drafting employment agreements that address social media conduct. The firm also assists businesses on social media and digital advertising. Whether it is a contest, sweepstakes or other promotion, we assist in client promotions on Facebook, Instagram and other websites, including by coordinating with marketing departments and drafting official rules. We also advise clients on recent regulatory developments, including the Federal Trade Commission’s guides for the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising and assist with agreements such as influencer agreements and publicity releases.

Our software practice helps clients successfully negotiate and implement a variety of agreements that address business software, servers, cloud use and apps, among other things. From drafting software development agreements, software as a service agreements, subscription agreements, source code escrow agreements, and other related agreements, our knowledge of the law combined with our understanding of technology helps our clients to meet their technology goals and help minimize risks associated with the use of software, source code and intellectual property.

Our privacy practice is also rapidly expanding and we regularly advise clients on the privacy implications of their online and social media use. This includes drafting terms of service, terms of use, user generated content terms of use and privacy policies for our clients’ online and social media presence and business. We work with our clients’ technology departments to ensure our client’s privacy practices comply with the law. We have advised clients on the General Data Protection Regulation and on other legislation as it pertains to data privacy and protection of personal data, including the right to data erasure.

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