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Events : The 2nd Annual Empowered Wealth Symposium – Chicago

The 2nd Annual Empowered Wealth Symposium – Chicago

As estate practitioners, our mission is to provide our clients with an estate plan that maximizes the transfer of wealth to specified heirs in a way that will improve their life courses. But, what if this goal is impossible to meet?  What if, by maximizing the transfer of wealth, we aren’t improving, but instead are diminishing the life courses of our clients and their heirs, as well as deteriorating society in the process? To this end, the more important questions that we seek to analyze are ones that every estate planner should pose to his clients:  Would you prefer to pass as much wealth as possible to your descendants?  Or, would you rather give your heirs the greatest chance of truly being happy, well adjusted, self-fulfilled and successful?


Avi Z. Kestenbaum is speaking at the 2nd Annual Empowered Wealth Symposium in Chicago.

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