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Construction Law


Representation of clients in all aspects of negotiation and bidding of all types of both private construction and public improvement contracts; including assuring legal compliance, negotiating and administering the contracts and responding to and resolving claims that may arise from the commencement of a project through payment of the final retainage.

Our experience includes dispute and claims resolutions, including mediation, arbitration and where necessary litigation, relating to time extensions, delay claims, mechanic liens (both public and private), Article 3A Trust Fund problems and compliance, and payment and performance bonding.

We have a keen understanding of the oftentimes difficult legal inter-relations among the various and complex construction projects, the parties and partners, and how, the real world relationships between the parties often differ from contract language. We understand the approaches that benefit all sides. Although a business solution is normally preferred, we understand where only an aggressive legal representation can bring about a proper result for our clients.