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WSJ Podcast (Audio): Should Children Inherit Assets Jointly or Separately?

Wall Street Journal’s Veronica Dagher interviews Avi Kestenbaum to discuses how to best go about managing your children’s inheritance, and whether they should receive assets jointly or separately.


Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Real Estate Journal: Something New in the Toolbox: The Installment Sale-Reacquisition Approach to Real Estate Development Projects

In a fairly common fact pattern in the recent upward-trending real estate market, a taxpayer owns land or air rights that it wishes to develop into an income-producing asset. The taxpayer and a developer agree that the developer will acquire a portion of the taxpayer’s land or air rights provided that the taxpayer winds up owning an income-producing real estate asset on the property that it retains. In effect, the developer will construct improvements for the taxpayer in exchange for part of the taxpayer’s property.


Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Memorandum Article: A Financial and Income Tax Analysis of Earnouts

One objective of this article is to sensitize the reader to these income tax rules so that unintended and adverse income tax results will not occur.
The other objective of this article is to point out the myriad of objectives an earnout can accomplish so that one can design the earnout terms to compliment these objectives.

Die and Let Live! - A Review of Don DeLillo's novel Zero K

Jeffrey A. Galant, Counsel in our Trust & Estates group, gives a fascinating review of Don DeLillo’s novel, Zero K.

“We are born without choosing to be. Should we have to die in the same manner? Isn’t it a human glory to refuse to accept a certain fate?”

Now What Did Facebook Do to the Internet? The Invalidation of the US Safe Harbor Agreement

ELR Article- Mark Damiano

LIBN: The benefits of arbitration are many; shouldn't be dismissed

Loretta Gastwirth co-authored an arbitration article which was published in the June 24- June 30, 2016 Long Island Business News. Please take a moment to read her article written with Erica B. Garay on the benefits of arbitration.

The Griggs Fable Ignored: The Far-Reaching Impact of a False Premise

This articlewas published in the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal and can be found by clicking the link below:

Prominent arbitrator Robert L. Douglas, and his son, Jeffrey Douglas, a Meltzer Lippe associate discuss the role of the fable in the landmark Griggs decision.

White Paper: Mitigating the Business Risks of Social Media

Social media is rapidly emerging as an effective means for businesses to engage their customers. Through the use of social media, customers can be made to feel and behave like part of a company’s brand and culture. The benefits of this viral marketing may directly impact a company’s bottom line. However, there are potential pitfalls that may arise out of the use of corporate social media.

Long Island Business News: Activity spike may have caused temporary opt out Facebook bans

April 20, 2016

Newsday: Rubell: Google's compiling a file on you

March 12, 2012

At the beginning of the month, Google implemented a new “privacy” policy that dramatically decreased your privacy while significantly increasing what the search
engine giant knows about you. This sweeping act has demolished the thin protective wall previously offered by individual privacy policies.